KindCall Taxi
Hotline: +82 1588 3382

Tel : 1588 3382
Website :

Kindcall Taxi is one type of standard taxis brand established by Grey Taxi Company. The Kindcall Taxi brand configuration is a corporate taxi. Kindcall Taxi is available and opened for 24 hours. Kindcall Taxi was equipped with a receipt issuance machine. It also has a wireless data terminal with an automatic vehicle locations system. Where 24 hours call center checks real-time taxi availability and dispatch the closest taxi. The drivers do not often speak English but, Kindcall Taxi is one of taxicabs that are equipped with simultaneous translation devices for driver’s speech; it has lots of languages including English. These services were only available in Korean.

Fares :

The flat charge for 1.25ml/2km is 2,400 won. Every 157yd/144m or 35 seconds stationary will be charged 100 won.

Late-night fare will be increased from 3,600 won to 4, 600 won.Between midnight until 4am the prices will rise by 20%.