Wheelchair/ Handicapped transfers in limo/ taxis

Seoul, which is known as “Seoul Special City” is the capital of South Korea. People have a good ethical standard to their fellow Koreans and tourist that is evident to the way they treated them. That is why, part of good assistance is providing the physically challenge with clinical care, including wheelchair whenever they travel in the city. Park Hyatt, a hotel that gives a rent a car services is one of those who are considerate enough to give health care assistance to the handicaps. But when you do your transportation bookings or reservation, you must indicate that you need this kind of aid. You can contact them at +82- 2- 2016- 1234.

Wedding Limo Packages

Korea is indeed a good place for wedding proposal under the cheery blossom. That is why, many couples steak to this place when their wedding day finally comes. That is why wedding limo packages are an instant big hit here in Seoul. One of the all around rent a limousine in the city is the LIMOS.COM, which is known worldwide. As long as you need a limo, whether on your birthday or wedding day, they are ready to serve you. Routes of their limo package would revolve around Incheon Airport, and many places in South Korea. You can contact them through 866- 546- 6726.

Event Limousine

For some, an event is incomplete and colorless without a classy car such as limo, especially if you are attending a big corporate event. Therefore if you are one of those who wants’ to take their time while holding a wine glass inside the limo, then better have a reservation at Royal American Seoul Limousine, a limousine rental company that is patterned in American standard, which makes it more exciting.

Business and Corporate Meetings and Conventions

Since Seoul is known for being an industrial city, making more technology business such as mobile phones, TV’s, computer and other appliances, no wonder that many establishments are build for convention’s purposes. Therefore, if you are planning to conduct one, then it is better to go for a hotel that is well- known worldwide such as the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

They welcome business corporate and help them towards the success of their event. You can make reservations by calling them at +82-2- 797-1234 or Fax them at +82-2-797-1234. Also if you want to expect the place personally, you can visit them at 322 Sowol- ron, Yongsan- gu, Seoul South Korea, 140-738. They have well- maintained limo which comes in an affordable price. You can contact them at +1 (786)- 207- 4424 or you may email them at [email protected] for further queries.