Taxi Companies in Seoul

1.Regular Taxi
Regular taxis are the most common taxis in Seoul and easy to wave down especially by locale. This economical taxis basically orange in color, but white, gray, and other colors are also common.

2.Deluxe Taxi
Deluxe Taxis have a higher standard and costly for distance and idle time compared to Regular Taxis, because of deluxe taxis comfortable especially safe service, but do not have surcharges for late-night use. Deluxe taxis are black with gold stripes, and can normally be found at major hotels and jet-setter center.

3.Jumbo Taxi
Jumbo taxis can fit up to 8 passengers and it cost similarly to deluxe taxis.
Reminder !
Besides that, there is also a legal transit label Call Vans look-alike Jumbo Taxis which intended for transporting passengers baggage and cargo goods with a few extra charges, but call vans do not use a taximeter. To set off these two, call vans to have the words “VAN” or “CALL VAN” written on them and Jumbo Taxis will have the words “JUMBO” written on them.

4.International Taxi
Basically, International Taxis is indeed for tourists, therefore the driver must be proficient in English, Chinese, or Japanese and the language designated on the side of cabs. International Taxis can book/reserved online or flagged from the street and orange in color words “INTERNATIONAL ” written on it. It is pricey than Regular Taxis and can be chartered for blocks of 3 or more hours for a flat rate and will provide airport pickup service and trips for a flat rate.

Taxi Fare

Fare Regular Taxi Deluxe / Jumbo Taxi International Taxi
Base fare 3,000 won/2km 5,000 won/3km 3,600 won/2km
Distance charge 100 won/142m 200 won/164m 120 won/142m
Idle charge 100 won/35s 200 won/39s 120 won/35s
Late-night surcharge 20% from 12am~4am None None