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Brand Call Taxi Status.
Offering more than 400,000 calls per month (Signing up to a large call center in Seoul, an average of 50 calls a month per person). The expected effect of increasing income more than 500,000 won per month. More than 300 companies call for business taxi calls. At least 500,000 call targets per month.

The taxi request program of K-Taxi (K-Taxi), a brand name of Seoul city brand, has been launched as an Android app.
How to use?
1. Download the application and install it.
2. Tap a taxi request and check my location.
3. If the position is wrong, press and hold my position to correct the position.
4. It will be dispatched for 1 ~ 5 minutes and the taxi driver will call you.
5. Make a call and use a taxi.
Features Guide:
1. Call Center Call – Direct call to the call center.
2. Locating and calibrating – You can check your location or change your location.
3. Dispatch Request – After confirming your location, you will be asked to dispatch a taxi to the call center and your vehicle will be dispatched.
4. Taxi location – You can check the location of the vehicle when the vehicle is dispatched.
5. Usage History – You can see the history of the previous use.

K-Taxi Call Membership benefits. Provides a free 7-inch navigator phone with map (map) / terrestrial. Listen to free TV programs with no subscription fee, rear camera mountable (meter check required) to use MP3 music files and video files, to provide perfect A / S. Advanced call offer with average unit price over 15,000 won, (the difference may occur by dispatch time). Increased revenue from advanced call receiving. Recognition of outstanding members (award: overseas training, child scholarship subsidy, funding for new car purchase, etc.). Providing accurate and prompt transportation through a delivery service.