NCall Taxi
Hotline: 1688 2255

Address : 3rd floor of Dongwan Industrial building, Maebong-ro 68(Yangjae-dong), Seocho-gu, Seoul
Tel No :02-6363 2600
Fax No : 02-6363 2720
Website :


NCall Taxi is the largest taxis number in Seoul with estimated more than 10 000 taxi members. NCall is the newly launched brand taxi in Korean with participated by two taxi companies, S call taxi, and Gu Call taxi. On 6 June, S-Taxi and Gugukol Service (Gugokol) signed a contract to join NCall Taxi brand. This makes NCall taxi become the largest taxis number in Korea and provides the fastest taxi call service. NCall Taxi is operated by Dongbu Express which was promoted by Seoul Metropolitan Government as the brand call taxi designated by Seoul City.

Dongbu Express’s brand Call Taxi operates more than 16 000 cars in Seoul, Daegu, Busan, and Gwangju, and the well-known taxi service in the domestic market. The taxi service provided by Dongbu Express is the World’s number 1 brand taxi service due to its excellent operation and availability. How to get NCall Taxi? There are two ways to get NCall Taxi in instant, either use NCall passenger Apps or call their hotline number directly. This will saves time and the customer no need to wait for a longer time to get a taxi from their location because the taxi driver will dispatch them immediately.