Regular Taxi
Hotline:+02 484 9166

Address : (05791) Seoul, Songpa-gu Chungmuro 6-gil 71
Tel No :02-484 9166
Fax No : 02-484 7211
Website :


Regular taxis are the most common and abundant taxis in Seoul and usually can be found in a dirt-orange colored taxi but sometimes they can be found in silver or white. It also one of the popular taxi in Seoul and can be found everywhere in Korea’s city. The interesting about regular taxi is that it is known as the Seoul city icon as New York city’s yellow cabs in America. In the beginning of regular taxi operation, they are mostly in a white or silver taxi but since 2009, there has been a movement to change all Seoul taxi to dirt-orange.

Why must choose Regular Taxi? Regular taxi is a safer taxi compared to brand taxis and the guaranteed most safer taxi in Korea as this taxi priorities the passenger safety and comfort. This is because to work as regular taxi’s driver, they must have five years free-accident experience in brand taxis to qualify them as a regular taxi driver.


Base Fare = 3,000 won/2km
Distance charge = 100won/142m
Idle charge = 100won/35s
Late-night surcharge = 20% from 12am-4am
Region = Varies by region